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How much do you know about Britain? Give a try!

1. Britain is __________. a) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland b) England, Scotland and Wales c) England and Scotland d) England only

2. The official head of state in Britain is the __________.
a) King b) Queen c) President d) Prince

3. Britain is __________ Italy.
a) larger than b) smaller than c) about the same size as d) exactly the same as

4. The British flag is red, __________ and blue.
a) green b) yellow c) white d) black

5. The British flag is called the __________.
a) Queen's flag b) King's flag c) National banner d) Union Jack

6. About _______ people live in Britain.
a) 100 million b) 73 million c) 58 million d) 35 million

7. About _______ people live in the capital, London.
a) a. 3 million b) b. 7.7 million c) c. 6.3 million d) d. 8.3 million

8. Britain's second largest city, _______, has a population of about 1 million people.
a) Liverpool b) Edinburgh c) Manchester d) Birmingham

9. Although Britain is in the north of Europe, the average temperatures are quite mild because of warm water from __________.
a) the Gulf of Mexico b) the Mediterranean c) the English Channel d) the North Sea

10. In 1066 the English king was defeated by William The Conqueror at the Battle of ________.
a) Hastings b) Brighton c) London d) Dover

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